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Scope of services

long short distance moving service

a. for moving residents and units, assembling and disassembling furniture, air conditioning, moving the piano, home appliances, such as dismantling and installation, as well as all household items;

b. valuable finishing, packaging, providing containers, depending on the customer needs to provide a variety of services;

c. country shipping, freight, rail transport, air transport.

relocation moving services

a. undertake a variety of long short-distance transport of goods or household goods. Within the Guangdong Province, with 1-5 tons for vehicle relocation; outside the Guangdong Province, including the relocation of Hong Kong and Macao, as well as all the cities to the logistics, moving items must go through our safe and effective packaging, security contracts with the owners can take place.

b. undertake a variety of sizes, ranging from family relocation, office relocation, plant relocation, relocation, as well as the relocation of schools, galleries, community agencies and other businesses.

c. the company can provide a collation of cartons and items, packaging, services, and dismantle air conditioners, beds, wardrobes, furniture, conference tables, boss, Office screens, water heaters, range hoods, as well as factory production line.

air conditioning installation and maintenance

a. professional air conditioning mechanic, you carry out various brands of air conditioning repairs, disassembly, tube, plus add refrigerant tubes, cleaning, and other services, if there are problems, one year warranty.

b. small wall type air conditioning (1 horse, 1.5 horse), disassembly fee 80 Yuan/Taiwan, and maintenance fee not package material 80 Yuan/Taiwan, and for tube package attached material 60 Yuan/meters, and added snow species 60-80 Yuan/Taiwan, and cleaning 35 Yuan/Taiwan;

medium Cabinet type (hanging type) air conditioning (2 horse, and 3 horse), disassembly fee 120 Yuan/Taiwan, and maintenance fee not package material 100 Yuan/Taiwan, and for tube package attached material 80 Yuan/meters, and added snow species 80-110 Yuan/Taiwan, and cleaning 45 Yuan/Taiwan;

five piece Cabinet, disassembly, maintenance costs 160 Yuan/Taiwan do not pack Materials 130/set, tube-Pack 90/m, extra refrigerant 120-150/set, clean 50 Yuan/Taiwan

c. this charge standard according to the materials in the market of prices and easily make appropriate workload fluctuations without providing other professional work and many unconventional jobs.

lifting shift services

a. undertake a variety of machinery, equipment, precision instruments and lifting, transport, transfer service, types of injection molding machines, punching machines, casting machines, generators, cutting machine, projector, bank teller machines, and metal machine tools, CNC machine tools, and so on.

b. companies with hanging 5-10-ton cranes, dump, can lift three floors within the equipment 10-50-ton crane car, top lifting devices up to 48 m; electric forklift trucks and a variety of mechanical and 3-5 tons of displacement of the device.

cleaning services

a. to take home, stores, office buildings, plant a simple renovation and reconstruction of old housing project, provision of carpenters, masons, plumbers, painters, welders and other decoration craft, price negotiable.

b. cleaning carpets, dredging the sewers, painted walls, wood floor polishing, waxing, install the toilet, toilet, washbasin, bathtub, family services, provides workers, cleaners.