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Move cautiously to prevent the lost item

Watch the news in the Forum a few days ago when I saw this news, before a move Lee reflected her due to moving company found a small company, however, has suffered a drop event, and Porter is gone, "move to making household goods and clothes were gone, this day, Yes! ”

rent before the ladies stayed qiutao North Road, recently due to work reasons to move closer to companies close to, and ready to move. On October 26, she moved after the Shenzhen company, contacted the Porter to move. "Playing a total of 4 bags, except for, some commodities......" the evening, Porter comes to take away items. The next day, in new House from receipt of goods, is an unexpected shock, 10 into 5, "Porter then insisted I sign, I will note clear I just received 5 packages. ”

     accepts a package full of shoes and other debris after the package, she immediately contacted the moving company in Shenzhen, and finally found the one person responsible for a workplace, each other, "said Porter was gone, we are also looking for him! "Attack such a magical thing, Lee unexpectedly, because all my supplies in packages, package lost lives can not be properly ... ... In desperation, she had no choice but to intervene with the moving company these days, lodge to friends. "Every day say it helped me find and has been for more than a week, still no results, this can do! "    

thus, we can't be happening later came to regret the decision, choose the formal removal companies, to avoid the occurrence of such event, regardless of whether the return of the lost parcel, a lesson has been in front of us.