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Moves don't spec is not assured

      I am in the process of moving a few days ago because of something not there, under the supervision of so called friends for help. But it was an accident, they moved without notice some fragile lead what is broken, my friends quarreled with them, and by the time I got to move those moves may not say it directly, people went away. Friends think very angry, so I on dialed that home Shenzhen moved company phone, just began other of attitude very of poor, later in friends help Xia although other said willing to compensation and again sent people to help moved has home, but after this a thing, let I on moved has has deep of fear, despite things not is precious, but other of attitude Shang let I think very angry.

        Shenzhen moving industry is very hot, but no definite criteria, makes people uncomfortable. It also let me watch, next time if you want to move, must first know about the attitude of the company, while Shenzhen prices moving company to decide. Moving is a very happy thing, although in trouble, but this time moving storm also makes me remember!