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Analysis of moving three difficulties

1, the price of oil: the current prices in Shenzhen has seven, of every litre of nearly seven blocks and five in December last year and February prices twice this year so that we increase the operating costs of many. Because of the fierce competition in the market, all between peers in order to ensure to receive more orders for the company's workers do not rise, after all, the customer requires moving the price is as low as possible, once the price is higher than other moving companies, you will have no advantage. So many moving companies in Shenzhen is no help in small profits even without orders, so inevitably there will be workers added in the middle of money, a lot of problems.

  2, recruitment difficult: according to online news, place the labor shortage in the province. Some good in our moving company to work on home workers after the Chinese new year it is still not working for our company, and several phoned is not prepared, has good prospects in the home, I can take care of the wife and kids at home and work, very much like working in Shenzhen. Shortage of workers in our industries with a low technology content, lead to the direct consequence is that big can't meet, weekend or month are not free to promise customers, mainly because we can't fulfill.

  3, the urban cost of living increase: some moving companies movers in Shenzhen had brought their children to school, each month living expenses and children's tuition fees, and so on some otherwise overwhelmed workers wages are not very high. This year, we where of tablets district rent overall rose, this let was on slightly has surplus of wage and reduced not small, these problem directly effect to we Shenzhen moved company future of development, to retain workers we except improved workers of work environment zhiwai, more of is as put workers of wage also rose up, only such you to left have live workers, but cost of increased on need company to bear has.