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Moving recidivist midnight Honda move

on November 16, 2010, Fu min village, GuanLan town, at one o'clock in the morning, two men moved computer, moved the TV, claiming it is moving. Under police questioning, turned thief recidivists.

    11 6th, Kang village, GuanLan Town police station during a night patrol, noticed two men being moved at the Chen Jia Cun, a 40-inch flat-screen televisions in a Honda car. "You doing up so late? "Police immediately stepped forward to questioning. Two men were a little bit nervous, said to be moved. "Move? Which was moved in the middle of it? "The police are just beginning to ask, one of the men ran. Police then caught another man. Crime scene investigation, and Honda's car has a flat 40-inch TV, a computer and a number of electric vehicle's battery.

    , caught a man surnamed Zhao, Sichuanese, 7, 8 years living in Kang village, GuanLan town. Have been doing odd jobs. Have managed to save some money, Zhao bought a second-hand Honda this year, preparing for black money. However, do not long before, met Wang (at large), Wang effects, two partners stole the stuff. Police arrest them, they are "move", but moving is not your thing, but transferred the stolen booty, car computer, television set was stolen in yangzhong, a wedding shop.

     Cho provided clues, police found Wang at large suspects turned out to be the Internet, da man. Is currently pursuing the Wang.