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Movers to drink mineral water helps digestion

1. a good moving company said to drink mineral water also helps digestion. The minerals in water can help flush out waste. It is best to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, magnesium in mineral water can help the stomach to work properly, avoid after-dinner digestive problems. Drinking water containing bicarbonate may promote digestion. But beware to drink slowly, so as not to have a sense of distension.

2. the fortune for the family owned moving company said people often think breakfast should be eating more, so what's for breakfast, but it's not. Breakfast breakfast speed depends on the composition of the digestion and carbohydrate content. Correct selection of cereal is very important. Oatmeal, cookies, whole-grain bread intake raises blood sugar levels. Carbohydrate supplementation to provide energy to the body. Contrary to some breads will allow the body to glucose rapidly, but the energy supply for a short time, before the lunch there will be hunger.

   3. the blessing of family owned moving company said stress and tension will affect our digestion. Our sausage is like a second brain, which has 100 million neurons and neural sensors more than 20. Gut feeling, you can respond, send signals related to absorb the necessary nutrients to produce secretions. When the person is nervous, fills the air in the intestine, resulting in belly up. In order to reduce the pressure inside the can do a relaxation exercise, such as playing sports or some of the things you like, read a book or draw. To be used to take a deep breath when you are nervous stress. There is also a way to massage, you can use the external massage, can laugh to an internal massage effect. Finally has a good night's sleep, you can ensure the stomach work. Colon and other organs needed to rest at night.